About the Ministry

Policy and Planning Department

Policy and Planning Department

 Director:Agnela Nyoni 


  • Preparation and Review of the Ministry's Strategic Plan
  • Preparation of comprehensive Annual Plans 
  • Preparation of Annual Budget 
  • Monitoring and Evaluation of annual Budgets and Plans
  • Coordination and facilitation of the Ministry's participation in all parliamentary matters 
  • Preservation and analysis of data related to Foreign Policy
  • Analyse other National Policies and how they impact on Foreign Policy
  • Formulation, development  and analysis of Policy  
  • Liaison with cabinet secretariat and reviewing cabinet papers related to policy issues
  • Coordination of Joint Permanent Commissions 
  • Conduct research on topical issues

Phone Number: +255 22 2114829
Fax Number: +255 22 211660
Email: dpp@foreign.go.tz