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Departments and Units

Department of Administration and Human Resources Management

Department of Administration and Human Resources Management

Director: Ms. Chiku Kiguhe 

Phone Number: +255 22 2128336
Fax Number: +255 22 211660


  • Interpretation of Public Service Regulations, Standing Orders and Labour Laws
  • Responsible for employee Relations and Welfare
  • Supervision of Registry, office Records, Messenger services and Security services at the human resource, official equipment and documents
  • Provision of general custodian services
  • Coordination and promotion of the Ministry's core values
  • Implementation of National Policy on gender, disability, HIV/AIDS
  • Facilitation of outsourced services under the Private Sector Participation Scheme
  • Enhancement of organizational efficiency of the Ministry
  • Coordination of recruitment, selection, placement, confirmation and transfer of staff in the Ministry
  • Orientation/ induction programme for the newly recruited staff
  • Planning human resources requirements for the Ministry
  • Administration salary Administration and Pay roll processing
  • Preparation of annual Personal Emoluments planning and Budgeting
  • Processing of Employee benefits and entitlements
  • Facilitation of training and skills development of staff
  • Provide transport services
  • Provide office accommodation, office equipment and stationery