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Foreign Policy

Tanzania Foreign Policy the Case of Economic Diplomacy

Given the economic and socio-political shift that has occurred in the domestic and international scene, The United Republic of Tanzania adopted a Foreign Policy focusing on economic diplomacy to secure the core national interest as a sovereign state. 

The Policy manifest itself in active international engagement, which is basically leveraged upon the pursuit of economic objectives, while at the same time preserving the gains of the past and consolidating the fundamental principles of Tanzania’s traditional foreign policy.

  • Safeguard the sovereignty, territorial integrity and political independence of The United Republic of Tanzania.
  • Defense of freedom, justice, human rights, equality and democracy.
  • Promotion of good neighbourliness
  • Promotion of African Unity
  • Promotion of deeper economic cooperation with or without development partners.
  • Support for the practice of the policy of non-alignment and south- south Cooperation and
  • Support for the United Nations in its search for international economic development, peace and security.


  • The URT’s New Foreign Policy has the following main objectives.
  • To project, promote and protect URT’s political, economic, social and cultural interests through active and sustainable economic diplomacy
  • To ensure that URT’s relation with other nations and international entities are also driven inline with economic interests,
  • To build a self sustaining economy, preservation of national peace and security as well as supporting regional and international endeavor for the creation of better and peaceful world.
  • To accelerate the political and social economic integration for the region and
  • To create the necessary conditions which shall enable URT to participate effectively in the regional and international negotiations


  • Buildings Facilitative Internal Environment
  • Forging International Partnership,
  • Redefining Bilateral Diplomacy,
  • Strengthening Multilateral Diplomacy,
  • Promoting Good Neighborliness,
  • Enhancing Regional Peace and Security,
  • Strengthening Regional Economic Integration (EAC, SADC,IOR-ARC),
  • Upholding African Union (AU),
  • Reaffirming Non-Alignment,
  • Promoting South-South Cooperation,
  • Enhancing the Commonwealth Organization,
  • Promoting the United Nations Organization,
  • Readdressing Financial Issues and external Debt,
  • Cooperating with Multinational Corporations and
  • Supporting Effective NGOs.