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Tanzania Diaspora

Diaspora Engagement and Opportunities

Diaspora objective is to create a conducive environment to engage the Tanzania Diaspora to effectively contribute to the country's political, socioeconomic, and cultural development.


  1. To coordinate the development, implementation and review of Diaspora focused policies and legislation and ensure the incorporation in national development frameworks;
  2. To sensitize and promote the understanding of the role of the Diaspora in the development of the country;
  3. To develop and maintain a database for the Diaspora;
  4. To provide technical advice to Diaspora participation in relevant sector in the country;
  5. To coordinate and sensitise the participation of MDAs and Non-State Actors in activities relating to the Diaspora;
  6. To facilitate and advise the Diaspora to access investment opportunities in the country;
  7. To coordinate with other entities initiatives geared towards the promotion and protection of the welfare of the  Diaspora; and
  8. To coordinate labour arrangements and agreements with other countries with a view to promote and secure decent international employment for qualified Tanzanian candidates.

This Division will be led by a Director and will comprise three Sections as follows:-

  1. Mobilization, Protection and Data Management Section; and
  2. Diaspora Investment and International Employment Section.

1.Mobilization, Protection and Data Management Section

This Section will perform the following activities:-

  1. Coordinate with other entities initiatives geared towards the promotion and protection of the welfare of the Diaspora;
  2. Establish, update and maintain a Diaspora database;
  3. Coordinate labour arrangements and agreements with other countries to protect Tanzanians employed abroad;
  4. Provide guidance and sensitisation to the Diaspora on existing skill gaps in Tanzania and match with available skills in the Diaspora;
  5. Link and facilitate the Diaspora returning to Tanzania to secure employment in various sectors;
  6. Facilitate promotion of public awareness and foster public understanding of the Diaspora, its potential and needs; and
  7. Initiate and coordinate preparation of cabinet and policy papers for the review of legislations and policies.

2.Diaspora Investment and International Employment Section

This Section will perform the following activities:-

  1. Liaise with investment authorities to identify existing investment opportunities in the country;
  2. Identify and advise the Government on necessary measures for the creation of conducive environment for the Diaspora to effectively participate in the economic, social and cultural affairs of the country; Facilitate and advice Diaspora interested to return to Tanzania on access to investment opportunities in various sectors;
  3. Seek information on international vacancies, identify potential candidates, advice and facilitate Tanzanians both in Tanzania and those in Diaspora to secure decent international employments;
  4. Coordinate and manage campaign for Tanzania candidates vying for International posts;
  5. Gather and avail information on dynamics and trends of the international labour markets;
  6. Analyse and advise on the existing regulations governing candidatures for international employments; and
  7. Advice the government on employment policies, Acts and regulations changes to encourage public servants to secure international employment.