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Services for Tanzanians

Tanzania National Services

The information below is provided to assist Tanzanian Nationals traveling or living abroad and to inform them of measures to take in case of any eventuality.

It should be noted that Passports are not issued at Tanzanian Missions but rather at the Immigration Department, Dar es Salaam.

2. Procedures for Application and Issuance of New Passports.
Application for a new passport is lodged by the applicant at the Immigration Headquarters, Zanzibar and or any Regional or District Immigration Office where the applicant resides.

3. Documents to be Submitted to Support Application for a New Passport

Any application for a passport shall be accompanied by: 

  • A birth certificate or an affidavit of birth or certificate of naturalization of the applicant. 
  • A birth certificate or an affidavit of birth or certificate of naturalization of the applicant’s parent or parents. 
  • Recent, clear and 
  • Un-mounted passport size photographs as may be directed by the issuing authority. 
  • In case of the applicant who is below the age of 16 years, the parent’s or legal guardian’s written consent.

4. Persons Entitled to Passport or Travel Documents

  • An ordinary passport may be issued to any citizen of the United Republic of Tanzania for a purpose of traveling to outside the country
  • A service passport may be issued to any citizen of the United Republic of Tanzania who is in the public service or is holding office as respectively specified 
  • A Diplomatic passport may be issued to a citizen of the United Republic specified in the third schedule 
  • An East African Passport may be issued to a citizen of the United Republic who intends to travel within the East African Community member states.
  • A certificate of Identity may be issued to a person other than a citizen of the united Republic of Tanzania who cannot obtain a passport from the country of which he is a citizen or does not have citizenship of an y country for the purpose of traveling out side The UnitedRepublic of Tanzania. 

5. Visa Requirements

Tanzanian Nationals may require entry visa to enter some countries.

Some countries may require International Health Certificates of Vaccination against certain diseases like yellow fever, especially if the country one is traveling from is within the yellow fever zone.  
Please check with your health

6. Issuance of an Emergency Traveling Document (ETD)
An Emergency Travel Document may be issued to a citizen of the United Republic who is traveling on an Emergency journey and does not fulfill the normal requirements of getting a passport.  A person who is stranded abroad and cannot get a passport or is being deported back home.  Such document are issued at Tanzania Missions
The cost of an emergency travel document is:

7. Lost or Stolen Passport/Travel Document
In case of loss of passport/travel document, please contact the Tanzania Embassy/High Commission.  A police report of the stolen passport should be submitted at the Mission for further processes.

8. Registration of Tanzanian Nationals
Tanzania Nationals living abroad are strongly advised to register themselves at the nearest Tanzania Embassy/High Commission. Click here to register

9. Emergency

  • In the case of emergency please contact the nearest Tanzania Embassy/High Commission, Consul General Office of Honorary Consul Office.  
    The address list can be accessed at the following link: Tanzania Foreign Missions and Embassies
  • In the event of death of Tanzanian National abroad, the next of kin should inform the nearest Tanzania Mission.

10. Birth Certificates

  • Birth certificates are only issued by Registrar of Insolvency Trustee Agency (RITA).
  • Tanzanians living abroad may contact the Tanzania Embassy/High Commission for assistance.


In Zanzibar:

Application for Replacement of Passport.
Where a holder’s passport is lost, stolen or severely damaged an application for replacement shall be accompanied by sworn declaration of the circumstances surrounding the loss, theft or damage of the passport and authority to which the loss, theft or damage was reported.

Revocation of Passports and Travel Documents

The Commissioner of Immigration Services at any time can revoke the passport or travel documents granted or issued to the holder if:- 

  • The holder of a passport permits another person to use his/her passport. 
  • The holder of a passport has been deported or repatriated to the United Republic of Tanzania at the expense of the Government. 
  • The holder has ceased to be a citizen of United Republic of Tanzania.
  • The holder engages in illicit drug trafficking, money laundering, migrant trafficking, terrorist act or any other illegal transaction. It is in national interest or national security.

More Information at: http:// 

Legalisation of Documents

MFAIC Legal Unit and Department in Zanzibar Tanzanian Missions can assist in legalizing the following documents 

  • Birth Certificates
  • Death Certificates
  • Educational documents