The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation has the responsibility of overseeing international relations and cooperation issues between Tanzania and Foreign Governments and International Organisations. This includes the preparation and supervision of the Foreign Policy, signing and overseeing the implementation of international treaties of interest to the country as well as, offering protocol services to Heads of States and Governments, and other high ranking officials visiting Tanzania.

The Ministry also coordinates bilateral and multilateral social, economic and political matters between the peoples of the United Republic of Tanzania and other countries.

In 2000, the Government of the United Republic of Tanzania undertook extensive Public Sector reforms under the Public Sector Reform Programme (PSRP). The reforms were designed to enhance accountability and services delivery in the public sector. Through the reforms, the Government emphasized the provision of services to its clients in accordance to their expectations.

In implementing these reforms, the Ministry as a Government entity took the initiative to design a Client Service Charter. The purpose and objective of the Charter is to define types of services provided by the Ministry, guarantees and standards of service that are offered and clients and expectations. The Charter spells out the Ministry’s responsibility to its clients. Likewise, it provides for Clients’ rights and responsibilities and procedures that should be followed in the attainment of such rights.

The Charter also explains procedures to be followed in lodging complaints and concerns when guarantees spelt out in the Charter have not been fulfilled.  The Charter also provides a forum for clients to submit suggestions, advice, and commendations with regards to services rendered. 

It is my sincere belief that this Charter together with its diligent implementation will effectively and efficiently enhance the Ministry’s performance in the execution of its activities, while bolstering its image.

Hon. Bernard K. Membe (MP)
Minister for Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation

Client Service Charter
1.0 Vision:
To become an effective promoter of Tanzania’s economic and other national interests abroad.

2.0 Mission:
To conduct an active diplomacy that will generate economic activity and facilitate Tanzania’s rapid transformation and sustainable development

3.0 The Purpose of the Charter
The Client Service Charter of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation seeks to:-
i. Inform the public about the services offered by the Ministry and how to access them;
ii. Reform the tradition of Public Service by making a Civil Servant more responsive to Client needs;
iii. Improve service delivery to Clients;
iv. Enhance Ministry’s accountability in serving its Clients as per set standards

4.0 Types of Clients
In the execution of its responsibilities, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation has the following categories of clients:-

i. High Level Government Officials
ii. The Public
iii.Employees of the Ministry and its Missions
iv.Citizens Representatives
v. Ministries, Independent Departments and Agencies
vi. Private sector
vii. Foreign Diplomatic Missions and International Organizations accredited to Tanzania
viii. Non-Governmental and Civil Society Organizations
ix. Offices of Honorary Consuls within and outside Tanzania

5.0 Client Rights and Responsibilities
A Client is entitled to certain rights from and responsibilities to the Ministry. These rights and responsibilities shall be enjoyed and rendered by both parties in accordance with the existing laws, regulations and procedures.

5.1.1 Client Rights
i. To be privately served and assured of confidentiality
ii. To be accorded respect;
iii. To be afforded an opportunity to give opinion with respect to the quality of services rendered; and
iv. A conducive environment in service provision and delivery.

5.1.2 Client Responsibilities
In order to access services, the Client is expected to:-
i. Observe laws, regulations and procedures pertaining to the sought service;
ii. Provide correct and complete information in a timely manner;
iii.Observe set appointments; and
iv. Respect the Staff of the Ministry.

6.0 Service Delivery Standards
To ensure quality and effective service delivery, the Ministry has put in place standards for efficiency, good customer relations and time management that respond adequately to Client needs and expectations. In pursuit of the aforementioned, the Ministry shall ensure the following:-

6.1.1 Standards for Efficient Service Delivery and Good Customer Relations
i. Safe custody of sensitive/confidential information;
ii. Providing timely and accurate information
iii. Affording equitable services to Clients without any bias as to gender, tribe, nationality, colour and creed or political affiliation.

6.1.2 Standards in Time Management
i. Facilitating appointments between Members of the Diplomatic Corps accredited to Tanzania, Officials of International Organisations and High-Level Government Officials - 14 Days
ii. Arrange appointments for citizens with problems concerning international relations - 14 Days

iii. To provide appropriate, accurate, succinct and timely information on the following issues:
a. International Relations - 7 Days
b. Health - 1 Day
c. Defense and Security - 7 Days
d. Immigration - 7 Days
e. Investment Opportunities - 7 Days
f. Trade Opportunities - 7 Days
g. Market Opportunities - 7 Days
h. Tourism Opportunities - 7 Days
i. Education Opportunities - 7 Days

6.1.3 Issuance of Entry Visas
i. Referred Visas - 14 Days
ii. Ordinary and Diplomatic Visas - 24 hours
iii. Express/ Rush Visas - 3 hours

6.1.4 Facilitating Residence Permits
i. Facilitate the issuance of Residence Permits - 28 Days
ii. Facilitate the issuance of Residence Permits for Members of the Diplomatic Corps - 7 Days

6.1.5 Facilitating Members of the Diplomatic Corps to access Diplomatic Privileges and Immunities
i. Issuance of Diplomatic Identity Cards - 7 Days
ii.Handling of Diplomats’ Tax Exemption - 7 Days

6.1.6 Facilitating Diplomats’ Presentation of Letters of Credence
i. Acknowledge receipt of letters requesting appointments for presentation of credentials - 7 Days

6.1.7 Preparing Letters of Accreditation for Representatives of Tanzania to Foreign Countries and International Organisations
i. Letters of Accreditation for Representatives of Tanzania to Foreign Countries and International Organisations - 21 Days after Appointment
6.1.8 Coordinating Visits of Members of the Diplomatic Corps and Heads of International Organisations to the Regions in Tanzania
i. To give information on the procedures to be followed prior and during the visit to the Regions in Tanzania - 3 Days

6.1.9 Facilitating the Participation of Members of the Diplomatic Corps and Heads of International Organisations in National Days
i. To issue invitations and programmes - 7 Days prior to the National Day

6.2.1 Coordinating the participation of the Guest of Honour at the National Days Anniversaries of Countries Accredited to Tanzania and International Organisations
i. Prepare the Guest of Honor at Ministerial level to participate in such events - 7 Days

6.2.2 Coordinating the Commemoration of the United Nation’s Day
i. To disseminate information on the UN Day to different stakeholders - 21 Days
ii.To inform the Guest of Honor of their Participation in the event - 7 Days

6.2.3 Providing Consular Services to Tanzanians living Abroad
i. Providing consular services to Tanzanians living abroad - 3 Days from day of request for services
ii.Giving advice to the Tanzanian Community - 5 Days after receipt of request for services
iii.Providing approved official government information at all times.

6.2.4 Facilitating the acquisition of Travel Documents to Tanzanians
i.Facilitating acquisition of Travel Documents - 90 Days
ii.Facilitating acquisition of Emergency Travel Documents - 24 Hours

6.2.5 Provision of Protocol Services
i. Facilitating the acquisition of visas for High Level Government Officials - 7 Days
ii.Coordinating Official/State Visits of High Level Government Officials outside the Country- at all times
iii.Coordinating Official/State Visits to Tanzania for Foreign High Level Officials- at all times.

6.2.6 Promoting the use of Kiswahili outside the Country
i. Providing accurate information of existing Kiswahili language Institutions as well as the availability of Kiswahili language tutors - at all times
ii.Providing information on existing Centers and procedures for enrolling in appropriate Institutions to interested parties outside the country - at all times

7.0 Provisions For Revising The client Services Charter
As is the case with other agreements, the Client Service Charter may be amended as deemed fit and necessary. Reasons that may necessitate an amendment to the Charter may include: change of services afforded by the Ministry and socio-economic changes. When such a need arises, the Client has a right to be informed of such changes and availed the opportunity to make recommendations on the proposed changes.

For more information on the services offered by the Ministry or should you wish to lodge a complaint relating to the rendered services, kindly contact the Ministry at the following address:-

The Permanent Secretary,
Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation,
Kivukoni Front,
P.O.Box 9000,
Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania.

Tel: +255 22 2111906-12
Fax: +255 22 2116600

Our motto is “Better than yesterday, No less than Tomorrow

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