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Protocol Department
Protocol Department
Director and Chief of Protocol: Ambassador Mohammed Maharage Juma

Phone Number: +255 22 2110270
Fax Number: +255 22 211660
Email:.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

- Formulation of Protocol Procedure
- Arrangement of visits to Tanzania of Heads of State or equivalent, Foreign Ministers and other dignitaries as may be assigned as guests to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Government)
- Arrangement of State/Official/Working visits abroad of President of United Republic of Tanzania, Vice President and Prime Minister and other Leaders.
- Maintenance of Order of Precedence
- Arrangement of official Lunches/Dinner/Receptions on behalf of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation
- Issuance of temporary Passes for Ceremonial Lounge/Reserve Lounge at Airport during visits of delegations/for transit VVIP/VIPs
- Formulation and interpretation of policy on Privileges and Immunities admissible to Foreign Representations and their member's vis a vis the Vienna Conventions, UN Convention on Privileges &Immunities, Tanzanian Act No.5 of 1986 on Diplomatic Immunities and Privileges, past practices followed in Tanzania and existing reciprocal arrangements (Headquarters Agreements)
- Processing of tax/duty/fee exemption for eligible members of Foreign
- Representations for refund, on the basis of reciprocity
- ssuance of Identity Cards to members of Foreign Representations accredited to Tanzania including a limited number of local staff.
- Facilitation of issuance of resident and work permits for the Diplomatic Corps and their family members
- Assignment of Code and Registration Number for Vehicles belonging to Foreign Representations and their eligible members
- Processing sale/disposal of motor vehicles belonging to Foreign Representations and their eligible members.
- Approval for remittance of sale proceeds of duty-free imported vehicles sold in Tanzania by privileged persons
- Coordination of security arrangements for the Diplomatic Corps and International Organisations
- Facilitation on matters relating to the handling of diplomatic bags and security checks on privileged persons at airports
- Investigation of complaints relating to abuses of Privileges and Immunities
- Serving of court summons on Foreign Representations
- Administering Privileges and Immunities admissible to Honorary Consuls/Consuls General and Post headed by them
- Facilitation of agreement processing
- Coordination of arrangements for presentation of credentials
- Invitation to Reception/Functions/Events from Foreign Representations to President/Vice President, President of Zanzibar, Prime Minister, Minister for Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and other National Dignitaries
- Nomination of Chief Guest for National Day Receptions
- Facilitation of visits by Diplomats to places outside their Headquarters in Tanzania
- Rendering of services and guidance regarding accommodation, electrical power, telephone and other services
- Facilitation and assistance on the death of Heads of Foreign States/Heads of Foreign Missions and Members of Foreign Missions/Post inside and outside Tanzania
- Recognition of Military Attaches/Advisers: Issue of Exequatur /Gazette notification recognizing appointment of Foreign Consular Officer, including Honorary Consul/Consul General
- Processing complaints for Tanzania firms against Foreign Missions and vice versa on matters relating to telephone, electricity or water bills; rent bills or private parties; delay/non-delivery of postal goods/telephone addressed to Missions and non-functioning of telephone/fax
- Maintaining records of Diplomatic/Internationally recruited members of Foreign Representations. Processing requests for opening of offices of Foreign Representations outside Dar es Salaam and creation of new/additional posts in existing offices of Missions /Posts/ UN/ other International Organizations. Preparation/distribution of Diplomatic lists.
- Facilitation of Dar es salaam Airport to Heads of Foreign Missions during tour inside/outside Dar es Tanzania; intimation to customs/immigration authorities.
- Issuance of passes to Heads of Missions for use of the VIP Lounge at Airports.
- Facilitation of first arrival and final departure of Heads of Diplomatic Missions.
- Facilitation on allocation and purchase of land in diplomatic enclave/processing requests for acquisition/sale of build-up property.
- Receive accidents/traffic violations involving cars of Foreign Representations and their members
- Facilitation of appointments for Foreign Representations with National Leaders
- Logistical arrangements for all international conferences and other function, meetings, seminars, etc. organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation.
- Handling of the visiting delegations and visit to Tanzania in connection of the respective conferences.
- Assistance and consultancy to the Government Departments in organizing such international conferences and seminars.
- Facilitation of the granting of diplomatic clearance for foreign aircraft, naval vessel and military cargo

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